Wedge Sockets for Flat Belts

Flat PU coated composite ropes CONTI POLYROPE® must be applied together with a normalized wedge sockets.

The end connections of the Polyrope shall be self tightening wedge type sockets, they shall be made of metallic material and shall resist 80 % of the minimum breaking load of the Polyrope. The angle of the housing and wedge shall be equal and in between 20° and 25°. Other types of end connectors are allowed only after a written declaration is received that will function as an extension to this certificate.

POLYROPE závěs výtahový

Example of a standardized attachment of the elevator cab with three Conti POLYROPE 25-6x2.0 flat belts and ZV25 wedge sockets

Wedge sockets POLYROPE with a eye bolt, nut and pressure springs

POLYROPE výtahový závěs s pružinou

Wedge sockets POLYROPE with a eye bolt, nut and buffers

POLYROPE závěsy se silentblokem

Belt width Type Thread L1 L2 L3 L4 L5 L6 d1
25 ZV F25 M12 481 320 167 51 79 107 45
33 ZV F33 M12 481 320 167 51 79 107 45
50 ZV F50 M16 526 320 167 59 87 115 46

Designation when ordering

ZV - wedge socket; F - flat belt POLYROPE; 25 - width in mm; with eye bolt and nut

CONTI POLYROPE Certificate according Lift Directive EN81:50-2014 - preview

Stáhnout pdf

Instruction for the Use of Wedge Sockets POLYROPE

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