Traction and Deflection Pulleys

Flat belt CONTI POLYROPE® shall be applied in combination with a dedicated traction pulley with semicircular grooves. For POLYROPE with flat backside, deflection pulleys may have either the same grooves as the traction sheave in case of twisted application, or a convex shape (crowned) for alignment and a rim to protect against extreme sideward movements, in case the flat side is used as running surface.

Rám výtahového stroje s hnací řemenicí a odkláněcími kladkami

Frame of the lift machine with a traction pulley and deflection pulleys


POLYROPE kladka drážková

Example of a grooved and a flat deflection pulley with a bearing - material steel

Technical Parameters

Main data of traction pulley  
Effective pulley diameter > 100 mm (centre - centre of rope)
Groove shape Semicircular radius 1,9 mm
Groove material Steel, preferably 42CrMo4
Groove surface Hardened to 55-62 HRC or CrNi hard surface coating; Roughness Ra 1,6 - 3,2 μm
Main data of deflection pulley  
Pulley diameter > 100 mm
Pulley shape Convex radius 500 mm (running over flat side) or grooved identical to traction pulley (running over grooved side)
Pulley material Steel or PA
Pulley surface Roughness Ra max. 5 μm, preferably with low friction properties

CONTI POLYROPE Certificate according Lift Directive EN81:50-2014 - preview

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Certifikát dle EN81:50-2014 pro osobní výtahy pro pásy POLYROPE - náhled

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