PU Coated Flat Ropes POLYROPE

The CONTI POLYROPE® PU Coated Flat Ropes are certified for use as a suspension device for installation in passenger or freight elevators according to the EN 81-20/50 Standard and the Lift Directive 2014/33/EC

Description and Use

The CONTI POLYROPE® PU Coated Flat Ropes consist of steel cables that are embedded in a coat made of high wear resistant polyurethane. They serve as a suspension device of elevator cabins in passenger and freight elevators.

Significantly smaller pulleys make it possible to use smaller gear motors and create space-saving drives with low inertial masses. This reduces production costs and energy consumption.


The CONTI POLYROPE® consists of 2.0 mm thick steel ropes, which are embedded in a black polyurethane coating. The test results have shown that  its service life is three times longer than the service life of current steel ropes under the same conditions. Long-term strength shows only a slight decrease after several millions of cycles. The traction test for the cycle value confirms the high wear resistance of the entire system.

POLYROPE výtahový pás - vytvoření

The horizontal alignment of the steel cords gives the belt its flat shape. Each PU belt contains more steel wires than a conventional steel cable.

Material and Construction Innovations

Thanks to its greater flexibility and traction the CONTI POLYROPE® enables compact drives with much smaller pulley diameters in comparison to conventional drives with steel cords.

The CONTI POLYROPE® flat belts are used in combination with corresponding traction and deflection pulleys and wedge sockets.  

POYLROPE výtahový pás schema

Flat belt CONTI POLYROPE® F25-6x2,0 has a density of 0,18 kg.m-1 and its nominal breaking value is 30 kN.

Benefits of the design

  • high tensile strength, constant length
  • excellent traction, small pulley diameters
  • smooth running without vibrations and noise
  • maintenance-free operation
  • high resistance to external influences (weather, UV radiation)
  • resistance to temperatures from -30 °C to +80 °C (according to use)

Types and Technical Parameters

Type Cord Breaking value Nominal width Belt thickness
POLYROPE F25 25-6x2.0 30kN 24,72 +/-1mm 3,7 +/-0,15mm
POLYROPE F25 DP 25-6x2.0 30kN 24,72 +/-1mm 5,2 +/-0,15mm
POLYROPE F33 33-8x2.0 40kN 33 +/-1mm 3,7 +/-0,15mm
POLYROPE F33 DP 33-8x2.0 40kN 33 +/-1mm 5,2 +/-0,15mm
POLYROPE F50 50-12x2.0 60kN 49,5 +/-1mm 3,7 +/-0,15mm
POLYROPE F50 DP 50-12x2.0 60kN 49,5 +/-1mm 5,2 +/-0,15mm

Designation when ordering

POLYROPE F25 - 45m

F - flat belt POLYROPE; 25 - width in mm; 45 m - length in m

CONTI POLYROPE Certificate according Lift Directive EN81:50-2014 - preview

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Datasheet POLYROPE F25 6x2,0 30kN

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Instruction for the Use of Wedge Sockets POLYROPE

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Certifikátu dle EN81:50-2014 pro osobní výtahy pro pásy POLYROPE - náhled

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Návod k použití řemenových závěsů POLYROPE

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